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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept Paypal and credit cards issued by MasterCard, Visa and other.

If you would like to pay using other methods such as payment with digital currency(BTC, USDT, ...), you can send us a message via chat or email.

Not required at all. We need just your username( sometime your post link), and we will take care of the rest. Just keep your account public to order and receive services

There are two convenient ways to get in contact with Stormslike team, you can either:

  • Contact us via chat. The chat window will appear across the whole website in the bottom right corner whenever our agents are online. You should even see it on this page.
  • You can Email us at [email protected]. We will respond to your Email in less than 8 hours.

Yes. Our automatic likes are for your 10 future posts. This payment is for one time only. Our system automatically checks your account every 30 minutes and likes will be sent if there is a new post.

If you need an automatic followers or views or comments, you can send a message through online chat.

Absolutely. We offer 20 free likes for you to be able to find out about our quality and its easy system.

If you need more free services, you can send a message through online chat

Unlike the rest of our competition ,we actually have huge exchange network and contacts, and they have allowed us to like the posts of others. This lets us to deliver our customers with likes from active and organic users.

Yes, you may lose some followers. To solve this problem, we send 20-30% more followers in every order you buy. If you miss these extra followers you can send us a message(chat or email) and we will refill. The refill period is 30 to 60 days.

Yes. For this, you can send a message through online chat or email.

We have a network of millions of accounts. These accounts have high quality. For example, they have profile picture and posts.

Accounts are not country specific and are actually mixed.

Definitely. Because we provide you with real likes from genuine and active users, there's no fear of being suspended or blocked.

Over 2 billion likes, followers and views have been sent in over 300,000 orders and no accounts have been suspended or blocked. Do not worry.

Do you need more help and support?

Don't know what to look for? Have a specific question? Please click the online chat for getting our best support and help. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Email:[email protected]